Enterprise Blockchain Security Council - EBSec

What is EBSec?

Purpose and Mission

EBSec is an alliance of companies with shared interests in the security of enterprise blockchain applications. Its members contributed to the joint effort of making distributed ledger technology secure and lower the barrier of entry for enterprises to decentralized technology in real-world use cases.

The mission of EBSec is to improve security in the distributed ledger ecosystem at all levels, including organizational and policy, in order to enable advanced decentralized enterprise blockchain solutions.

To this end, EBSec focuses on guidelines, security specifications, and services that enable companies to ensure a minimum standard of security, suitable for critical enterprise applications.


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Existing Guidelines

A number of guidelines and best practice recommendations exist for the decentralized application and cryptocurrency ecosystems. Examples of these existing guidelines, endorsed by EBSec are the following:

However, EBSec recognizes the need for comprehensive security frameworks focusing on the secure application of distributed ledger technology in industry-ready enterprise applications. To this end, a series of guidelines and security specifications are being developed to complement existing information security standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

The Enterprise Blockchain Security Specification

The first specification published by EBSec is the Enterprise Blockchain Security Specification, a set of requirements divided into five domains, that define a base layer for enterprise blockchain security.

Contributing and Becoming a Member

Anyone can contribute to the specifications provided by EBSec. The process is through a standard GitHub workflow. Simply provide your ideas in the form of a pull request or open an issue in the specific specification’s Github repository.

EBSec accepts members that may significantly contribute to the state of enterprise blockchain security. For inquiries please contact info@cryptonics.consulting.